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Uncovering the Corruption...

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

After the rape, I went to the Northwest Arkansas Sexual Assault Center and they were so amazing in helping me through the process of what to do next. They were honestly the most helpful resource for me throughout this time. I got all of the necessary steps done to be able to report the assault and to hopefully have something done about this. I then went to the police department to make the report, trusting that it would be in good hands and be taken care of. But, little did I know the police were biased towards him the whole time. They decided that they couldn't not do anything for my case so they closed it. Later I found out by getting a copy of the written report and the video recording of me reporting it, that many important parts were left out of my written report that I told them while reporting. Of course, the information they left out of the report incriminates him. They also closed the case without even getting the report from the sexual assault center.

As I was working on healing after this traumatic experience, I decided to create a survey to see if I was the only one that was not getting a fair chance of justice. Receiving the results were shocking and that is when I knew there was a major problem and victims were getting brushed off after finding the dignity to speak up and report the assault. Results showed that seventy percent of people who filled out the survey had been sexually assaulted in Fayetteville, Arkansas, thirty-nine were assaulted on the University of Arkansas campus and twenty-nine percent off campus, seventy-three percent did not report it. For the victims that did report it, only one percent actually had something done about it which was either through the university or police. The university decided to find the assailant, in my case not responsible. Going through the whole process of getting justice is very difficult and frustrating, especially when you find out how the whole system is corrupt and not supporting victims. If you are a victim, I am so sorry. I believe you and I will keep fighting for you. One day, this will not be a problem in society and justice will be served. You are not alone.

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