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A Letter to the Rapist

You disgusting bastard,

You caused so much damage. You don't think you did anything wrong at all. But behind the lies you are telling yourself, you know what you did. You assumed with your wants covering up your common sense. You say it would be weird if we didn't. It would be weird for you to let the girl decide if she was ready or not. That makes a lot of sense. You are so used to getting your way and if someone goes against what you want, you force it. That is what I was to you, just another number to add to your list. You tell me it was not your fault that I did not want to. You should have never done anything at all. You took advantage of me in a state where I was defenseless. You did it all wrong and you will always be this way. You manipulated me. When I left you were scared you were going to lose what is most important to you…sex. It may satisfy you that you caused so much damage to me, but just know that you will always be a rapist; but I will not always be a victim. You know what you did. You completely disrespect women and you do not give a fuck. What a sick person it takes to do this to someone. That is who you are. You did not break me. As much as you think you did, you didn't.

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