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Who would you rather run into while in the woods they ask... a man or a bear? 

The answer seems simple in passing you'd think a man because well it’s another human and if I'm lost maybe then we can find our way out together. But I'd rather run into a bear in the woods is the answer almost every woman will give. We know why the bear is in the woods. We know that bears live there. We know this as we enter the woods and see the bear country signs. We come prepared with bear spray for the just in case. But we don't know why a man is in the woods...there aren’t signs along the path as we enter or warnings posted on the website before we plan to take this hike. Yet we come prepared anyways with mace for the just in case. 

This is the world we live in. We only have to prepare for the bear when we know we are entering its habitat but we have to stay prepared for the man everyday of our entire lives, only on the fact of just in case. 

Just in case a man decides that today my body belongs to him. Just in case today is the day I join millions of women as part of a statistic. Just in case today is the day that I don't return home. Just in case today is the day I die by the hands of a man. Just in case I become a fulfilled fantasy for a man. 

just in case...

crawling in through an open window

a man or bear could do it. 

the bear would be curious, probably a cub

Just exploring a new environment. 

A man sees it as an invitation to whoever is on the other side.

I opened the window for you that night. 

you crawled through it. 

19 & 14

but it was okay you would say

I had said yes to start. 

Then it hurt and i wanted to stop

You told me you were so close that you wouldn't stop. 

That's when I learned that a no means nothing to a man. 

Imagine if I had opened the window for a bear. 

It might have crawled through out of curiosity

I'd have sat on my bed quietly not to startle it. 

If i had said no or screamed it would have stopped and left. 

But not you. Not a man. 

If I had screamed you would have silenced me 

If I had said no again, you would have said that I'm going to take it.

No wonder I'd choose the bear


-Savannah S.

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